The letters used in this short fell off a movie theater marquee one Sunday afternoon in the fall of 1998. TheyĆ¢d originally been part of some grand, meaningful words, but now they were stranded and helpless. So I gave them a new home.

Yeah, everybody who's been to film school has got a scratch film, but I'm partial to this one.

If you search for a needle in a haystack for too long, you start to get bored, then tired, then angry. If you get angry enough, you might even throw the whole haystack away, but then you've lost the needle forever...

Have you ever looked at a sentence until it stopped making sense? For this short, I took a bit from a little-known Lewis Carroll poem, and repeated it until it lost any kind of meaning.

The middle episode of an epic Super 8mm trilogy; the other two parts are lost.

My first finished cartoon, from 1993. Made in Lowell Boston's animation class at UArts.

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