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1949 directed by John English starring Gene Autry and Champion, Sheila Ryan, Frank Richards, Hank Patterson and Jay Silverheels.  Gene gets angry when he discovers sheep from the nearby Indian reserve are trampling around his cattle land, but when he rides over to confront them he discovers their plight, (they're poor and hungry), and aw shucks, he’s just got to help them out.  This puts him into conflict with some seedy individuals who are taking advantage of the Indians. 

Gene Autry discovers a futuristic civilization under his Radio Ranch in this Western-Sci-Fi-Musical hybrid. This feature film is an abbreviated version of the serial entitled "The Phantom Empire" from 1935.

1938 directed by Joseph Kane starring Gene Autry, Smiley Burnette, Joan Valerie, Sammy McKim, Ivan Miller, Earl Dwire and Hooper Atchley with the Stafford Sisters, the Maple City Four, Walt Shrum and his Colorado Hillbillies and a guest appearance by Roy Rogers.  Gene and his boys ride into town to set up a barn dance and a horse sale.  However, most of the ranchers have recently purchased new tractors and have no need for horses.  Meanwhile, Sally, the manager of the struggling, local

The Gene Autry Show ep 1x09 The Posse

The Gene Autry Show ep 1x07 Blackwater Valley Feud

The Gene Autry Show ep 1x08 Doublecross Valley

1937 directed by Joseph Kane starring Gene Autry, Smiley Burnette, Betty Bronson, LeRoy Mason, Charles Middleton, Russell Simpson, Jack Dougherty, Henry Hall and the Tennessee Ramblers. It's Cattle-men versus Turpentiners, with Gene (and a girl) caught in the middle. Lots of singin', shootin' and hard ridin'.

Badguys Henry, Bill and Pete head a gang of outlaws who are destroying the timberland. When Gene butts in they frame him on a cattle-poisoning charge and set him up for murder.-1949-( this is very poor viewing quality,sorry it's the best I could come up with)

Ranch owner Sandra Knight (Polly Rowles), fresh from a Chicago animal husbandry school, brings a flock of sheep into cattle country. The local ranchers don't like it, and ranch foreman Gene Autry must deal with it.

Shannon (Arthur Loft) is running a modern rustling operation using an airplane to spot the cattle, short wave radio to alert the rustlers, and trucks to haul away the beef. When the aging Sheriff Doniphan (William Farnum) is unable to bring them in, he is replaced by an eastern detective. But Doniphan's deputy (Gene Autry) suspects Shannon and sets a trap to nab him and his gang.


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