Loosely adapted from Alan Clarkeâs 1989 classic TV film, Nick Loveâs film is set earlier in the 80âs and retells a similar story to the original â but from a different characterâs point of view. The film centres on Dom, a young wannabe football casual, who gets drawn into the charismatic but dangerous world of the firmâs top boy, Bex. Accepted for his fast mouth and sense of humour, Dom soon becomes one the boys.

The peace documentary “The Block” is produced by three Woolman Semester students— Carlos Madrigal of Oakland, California, Anna Seifert of Marshall, Michigan and Colman Lee of Greenfield, Massachusetts—for their Peace Studies project during the semester of Fall 2011. This documentary challenges the conventional wisdom about gangs and asks us to consider the possibility that gangs could be a force for peace and justice in neighborhoods. The Block will take you on a journey to the streets of Oakland, where gangs make the rules.

From IMDb: Leonard Nimoy is "Kid" Monk Baroni, the leader of a street gang who becomes a professional boxer to escape his life in "Little Italy" New York. Also Starring: Richard Rober, Bruce Cabot, Allene Roberts, and Mona Knox

When she was a little girl, she saw her father gunned down right in front of her. When she got older, she was tricked into taking the rap for a hit-and-run committed by her boyfriend. The experience left her bitter and so she puts her efforts into becoming a crime-boss. AKA "Paper Bullets".

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