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The Adventures of Captain Marvel is a 1941 twelve-chapter film serial directed by John English and William Witney for Republic Pictures and produced by Hiram S. Brown, Jr. The serial was adapted from the popular Captain Marvel comic book character then appearing in Fawcett Comics publications such as Whiz Comics and Captain Marvel Adventures. It starred Tom Tyler in the title role of Captain Marvel and Frank Coghlan Jr. as his alter ego, Billy Batson. Also starring William Benedict, Louise Currie, and Robert Strange.

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Featurette featuring a short conversation between Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor and footage from the Royal Gall opening for the film.

Featurette for the 1972 Hammer Films production "Dracula AD 1972". Features behind the scenes footage and an interview with Christopher Lee

A pair of cowboys dress up as ghosts to battle a gang of cattle rustlers.

Paulette Goddard and Pedro Armendariz star in this story about a revolutionary who takes over a small Mexican town. The townspeople begin to argue about whether to resist him or join him. This is a Spanish print of a US/Mexican Co-production. The dialogue is in English the titles and subtitles are in Spanish.

Fritz Lang's silent sci-fi classic. NOTE: this was transferred from a vhs copy. The print that this was taken from was well-worn and quite faded in many scenes. Shows the importance of film preservation.

"The Sword and the Dragon" (1960) is the Americanized version of the 
Russian film "Ilya Murometz" (1956) released by Valiant Pictures and 
presented by Joseph Harris and Sig Shore.
The Russian original, was directed by famed fantasy film maker and 
animator, Aleksandr Ptushko, and was derived from Russian folklore. It was 
reportedly the first Russian film made in Cinemascope and 4-channel stereo 
The Americanized version was released to television in a pan and scan, 

A scientist is caught in a nuclear blast and is turned into a homicidal maniac. Essentially a silent film with narration.

From IMDb - Two petty gangsters trying to elude their enemies join the French Foreign Legion.


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