Evalyn Knapp

An insurance appraiser (Norman Foster) falls for the spoiled niece (Evalyn Knapp) of an industrialist involved in insurance fraud. There is a strong reference to the 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Factory tragedy. Directed by Bert P Lynwood. Released in 1935. a.k.a. "Firetrap" Complete print. CAST NOTE: Foster and Knapp also costar in the highly regarded "Ladies Crave Excitement," which is available here at IA.

A newspaper yarn.

From IMDB http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0028375/ Barbara "Babs" Penfield is trying to convince her father, laundry-magnate F. Thorndyke Penfield, to invest money in a proposition from her sweetheart Rodney Randall. Her father refuses as he knows Randall is a fortune hunter, as did any 30's audience once Bradley Page appeared on the scene. While Penfield hurries out to award the Penfield Prize for Service at his laundry, Babs, finding her allowance has been stopped by her father, tries to sell her car to raise cash to give to Randall.

Dick Wallace wants to marry a minister's grand-daughter but his father, who wants him to get work on his company's business, is opposed. Mystic Nights Videos

The exciting adventures of a newsreel photographer. Note: it appears that whoever created the avi file rescaled his source vertically without first delacing or detelecining. Don't use a delacing filter when viewing it, however; that seems to make things worse.

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