Irene tells edgar never to loose his temper again,or else.Mother and brother in law do what they can to get Irene to leave him

A very short silent comedy from Edison's studios.

"The Bangville Police" is a 1913 comedy short starring Mabel Normand and the Keystone Cops (Fred Mace, Raymond Hatton, Edgar Kennedy, Ford Sterling, and Al St. John). The film, notable for being regarded as the seminal Keystone Cops short, was directed by Henry Lehrman. (

How do you deal with an invisible thief? ORIGINAL TITLE Le voleur invisible YEAR 1909 DIRECTOR Segundo de Chomón SCREENWRITER Segundo de Chomón CINEMATOGRAPHER Segundo de Chomón Country: France Language: French Release Date: 1909 (France) Production Co: Pathé Frères Sound Mix: Silent Color: Black and White

"Through the history of mankind, the times most recorded in mythology and song are those of great deed and fantastic adventures. Such a tale is the story of, "Thexus - The Last Man." Rynado warrior Thexus is called upon by the mystical spirits of the Cas'Lu forest to find an ancient artifact known as the Dragon's Tear. Forged from the bones of an evil king and boiled in blood, the magical idol would render the man who possesses it invincible. But, beyond the realms of the forest, a savage murder is committed by an evil Vanir Raider named Veldar.

A sculptor and his assistant quickly make a creation. Director: Segundo de Chomón Stars: Julienne Mathieu Country: France Language: French Release Date: 3 August 1907 (USA) 1907 (France) Production Companies: Pathé Frères Distributors: Pathé Frères (1907) (France and USA) (theatrical) Sound Mix: Silent Color: Black and White Also Known As (AKA) Le sculpteur express France (original title) The Express Sculptor USA

John Bunny was the first major comedic performer of cinema. His short, plump figure (he stood 5"4' and weighed over 300 lbs.) and round face were internationally recognized as he starred in 173 short comedies from 1909 to 1914. Yet, for all of the fame he enjoyed during his acting career, he was almost immediately forgotten following his death in 1915. In "A Cure for Pokeritis", George Brown (Bunny) is a compulsive gambler who promises his wife (Flora Finch) he will give up his game of choice, poker.

When a poor girl falls in love with an army officer her mother pretends to be the owner of the hotel where she works as a chambermaid. Boasting an "all colored cast," this is one of the few documents of America's African-American talent in a time when the big budgets were reserved for white stars.

Early sound film featuring comedian Eddie Cantor. From the AFI/Maurice Zouary Collection at the Library of Congress. Copied at 24 fps from a 35mm print.

This movie was created initially for a challenge posed by It uses clips from the film "Night of the living Dead", and "Amid the Dead". Both of these films were acquired from This film is an amusing instructional video on how to survive a zombie epidemic. The majority of the footage is taken from the other films mentioned, but the witty voice-over narrative is what makes this video a must see. Who knows, the information in this film may just save your life...


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