Classic TV

Andy Griffith guest stars, and he and Miltie do an Old West Psychiatrist sketch and Andy sings, "Gunslinger." Original Air Date: November 5, 1958 Season 1, Episode 5

Ozzie and Harriet ep Halloween Party

Victory At Sea ep 04 Midway Is East

Ozzie and Harriet ep Davids 17th Birthday

Ozzie And Harriet ep The Suggestion Box

The sole surviving DuMont Network episode of "Okay Mother", a daytime game show.

Season 1 episode #16 Bobbie Jo and the Beatnik from January 7, 1964.

General Electric Theater ep The Face Is Familiar

Failed TV pilot called "Meet The O'Briens". Made in 1954, This TV pilot seems more like a 40's comedy short than a 50's TV program. It's easy to see why this wasn't picked up, As although it is fairly funny, they would of ran out of storylines quickly. I don't know much about this pilot. If anyone could get some info on this pilot, that would be useful.

Rare 1949 episode of the TV series "Captain Video and His Video Rangers". The show is about a "Space Captain" and his "Video Ranger" who must the galaxy from the evil Dr. Pauli. . The show was live, which would explain the missed cues. Most episodes are presumed lost. The series was never liked by TV critics, though proved popular with children. Later seasons had improved writing. However, as corny as the show was, it did prove influential on later series. ****Please note that the first few seconds of this broadcast are missing****


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