Cades Cove is an historical 1 way traffic mobile tour through an isolated valley in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. On this trip you will see the first churches, homes, and gravesites of this areas first settlers. It is a unique and historical look at our countries past. This vacation video was filmed in June of 2007. Originally the video and sound was going to be edited before publishing. However, I decided against it in case there was something of educational importance within it.

Exercises in filming architecture and townscapes in April 2007: 1. Maria church and churchyard at Södermalm (17th-18th centuries) 2. Riddarholmskyrkan at Riddarholmen - close up view (medieval) 3. Skeppsholmskyrkan and the statue of Gustaf III from Slottsbacken (1820s)

Uppsala by the Fyris river a cloudy day in Maj 2007. The clips show: 1. The cathedral seen from the Old Square. 2. Academy mill, now museum. The building appears as the bishop's residence in Ingmar Bergman's "Fanny and Alexander" (1982) and horrible events occur in the stream below. 3-4. Fyris, streaming water 5. The cathedral and the consistory.

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