Chester Morris

Chester Morris plays a radio reporter.

Men doing insanely dangerous work.

Chester Morris plays a brash private detective. Chester Morris, college football hero, gets a job on Wall Street for Thelma Todd's father. Fed up with the cons and piracy of Wall Street, he goes into business for himself, highjacking rumrunners' ships bound to Prohibition America. Delightful film with lots of plot twists and turns. Director Roland West's last film, after which he planned to spend the rest of his life with the soon-to-be-murdered Todd.

A murderer, known as "The Black Ace", menaces a number of people staying in an old dark mansion. This 1933 picture features matinee idol Chester Morris as an author intent on writing a book about the notorious criminal. He visits criminal expert Thornton Drake to get more information about the case. When someone receives the killer's calling card (the "ace of spades") the mystery begins. This is a wonderfully entertaining old fashioned mystery movie with all the hallmarks - an old house, servants, guests, a dashing hero, some bumbling detectives and a murderer among them.

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