The peace documentary “The Block” is produced by three Woolman Semester students— Carlos Madrigal of Oakland, California, Anna Seifert of Marshall, Michigan and Colman Lee of Greenfield, Massachusetts—for their Peace Studies project during the semester of Fall 2011. This documentary challenges the conventional wisdom about gangs and asks us to consider the possibility that gangs could be a force for peace and justice in neighborhoods. The Block will take you on a journey to the streets of Oakland, where gangs make the rules.

Travelogue, made for theatrical showing and commissioned by Cheverolet, promoting tourism by car in several areas, including Oak Creek Canyon in Arizona, San Luis Obispo and San Diego in California, and Western Michigan.

Home movies shot on trips to San Francisco, California, Florida and Georgia, ca. 1949-51.

Life in the 50's with the Glasco Family. One of the fun things to do back in the 8mm days was to get the family together and watch your Home Movies. One of the un-fun things to do was watch someone else's.... Note: The white cap I am wearing was because of ringworm of the scalp. Back then they put white adhesive tape on my head and ripped all my hair out by the roots. And yes, it did hurt very, very much. This process was repeated several times. January 2012 -- Much to my surprise this film has been used in 4 music videos all from Europe. All four video's are on Youtube.

A September 30, 1903 afternoon panoramic view, shot by H.J Miles, of people at the north end of Ocean Beach located near the Cliff House on San Francisco's western shore. The film is a production of the American Mutoscope & Biograph Company. If some of these scenes look familiar, it is because this is the full video from which 2 short clips, "Cliff House from Ocean Beach" and "Crowds at Ocean Beach," housed at, were taken.

During the California gold rush, a young woman travels to the west coast to live with her uncle. When she arrives she discovers he has been killed by the natives and his identity and property taken by a notorious outlaw.

Stars Mary Pickford
Produced and Directed by Cecil B Demille
An Artcraft Picture

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