Atomic Bomb

No description at the National Archives. Castle Films produced this film for the U.S. military -- "Operation Crossroads" US Army film # MISC-1323 and US Navy film # MN 5345. Description from Armed Forces Films for Public and Television Use: "A documentary of the Able and Baker blasts of the Atomic Bomb Test at Bikini, produced by Joint Army-Navy Task Force One."
National Archives Identifier: 88210 source file isn't in the greatest shape.

Just sound & no picture for the first few minutes. Then A-bomb, etc footage.

National Archives description: "Summary: Hydrogen bomb firing under Operation Ivy at Eniwetok Island on 2 February 1954. Narration by narration by motion picture actor Reed Halley.
 Reel 1:
1) MS INT actor Reed Hadley and a doctor of Nuclear Science talking together in control room prior to the firing of the hydrogen bomb under "Operation Ivy".
2) MS officer in charge of Military Police stands and gives instructions to two patrolmen. These men are wearing shorts. The officer in charge walks back and forth, looks at his wrist watch, acts uneasy.

Listed at the National Archives as "Operation Greenhouse, 1952" but Operation Greenhouse was in 1951. No National Archives description. AEC "16mm film combined catalog" description: "Operation Greenhouse: Produced by the USAEC and the Lookout Mountain Air Force Station, USAF. For sale by DuArt Film Laboratories, at $79.67 per print.

As shown in the titles, this film is about "the story of United States Air Force support to the Atomic Energy Commission on continental atomic tests". Narrated by Carey Wilson, it uses footage shown also in "Operation Buster-Jangle" of 1951 (avaiable here on Being a work of the USAF, this film is in public domain.

This is the first music video by the Berkeley CA. based band KUBICAL XPHERE. The video is made up of various public domain clips from Prelinger Archives and other sources. Many popular archive clips are cleverly woven into the nearly 7 minute song "Eve of Destruction" by KUBICAL XPHERE. Featuring Ed Nelson as "Ed" in the role that made him famous.

This a short I made by editing together two films I found at the Prelinger Archives, "Three Little Kittens" (1938) and "Atom Bomb [Joe Bonica's Movie of the Month]" (ca 1946)

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