This lovely sand animation was created from Hebrew calligraphy by Gil Omry, as part of Lauren Hartman’s play "Out of Me and Into You."

Face mophing animation.

faces_of_the_goddess.m1v Face mophing animation revels the manyu faces of the goddess

A mostly true story about bugs.

Blender 2.5, animation, sound, tutorial, lip sync, characters, dialogue, TOBOR, robot

Yeah, everybody who's been to film school has got a scratch film, but I'm partial to this one.

This is one of a series of realtime animations we created for Jen Tsueiâs play Fantasias for the Immoderate. Two actors in microphones used the volume of their voices to control the video âpuppetsâ in a program called Isadora.

Collaboration with composer Daniel Hindmarch. Made at AS220.

Data visualization collaboration with Christina McPhee.


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