Goofy 1964 propaganda film promoting Payroll Savings, Featuring a cameo by Mr Ed. Corny, But still better than today's propaganda films.

Season 1 episode #16 Bobbie Jo and the Beatnik from January 7, 1964.

Episode "Dueling Fools" of the popular 60's TV series "Mack and Myer For Hire".

Season 10 episode #324 Lonesome Parents from March 15, 1962.

Bring back those special moments of yesteryear with this collection of drive-in movie snack bar ads.

Episode "Finders Weepers" of the popular 60's sitcom "Mack and Myer for Hire".

Season 1 episode #20 Last Chance Farm from February 4, 1964.

Season 1 episode #6 Please Buy My Violets from October 29, 1963.

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