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Bringing a herd of cattle to Dave Crockett (Hal Price), Billy (Buster Crabbe) halts before going through the pass where many herds have been rustled. He is right as there are two men after Crockett's ranch and packing plant which will be theirs if Crockett fails to pay off his note. When their attempt to get Crockett's son (Terry Frost) in financial trouble is broken up by Billy and their men fail to rustle the herd, they then poison the water hole.

The story of a singer (Benny Fields) in a minstrel show, from his career highs to the tragedies in his personal life.

Dry Gulch Trading Post owner Kurt Fabian (Robert Barron) advances money on mortgages to the local settlers to finance an irrigation program. Three Texas Rangers, Tex Wyatt (Dave O'Brien), Jim Steele (James Newill) and Panhandle Perkins (Guy Wilkerson) transport the money in a strong box which they place in the Wells Fargo safe as agent Sam Benson (Dick Curtis) assures them that he is the only one who knows the safe combination.

Billy (Buster Crabbe) breaks jail in Texas and travels to Sundown at the request of his friend Fuzzy (Al St. John). There he runs into Mort Slade (I. Stanford Jolley) who is after a mortgage held by banker Ainsley (Edward Peil Sr.). Slade's men rob the bank and then incite a run on the bank knowing Ainsley does not have enough money.

Dorn (I. Stanford Jolley) is after the rancher's land and is trying to stop Banker Brady (Ed Cassidy) from helping them. When his man Hammond (Jack Ingram) kills Brady, there is a run on the bank. When Rocky (Robert Livingston) volunteers to ride to the next town for money, he is ambushed by Dorn's men, loses his memory, and is jailed for supposedly stealing the money.

Billy the Kid (Buster Crabbe) and his sidekick Fuzzy (Al St. John) get involved in a land dispute between a crooked railroad and the angry settlers that were the victims of the railroad's swindle.

An expedition sets out to darkest Africa to find the fabled City of the Dead, and must battle thick jungle, hostile natives, wild animals and a deadly epidemic.

Beverly Blake (Virginia Vale), the 'Blonde Comet," and the daughter of a tire-manufacturer (William Halligan), gets behind the wheel of a race-car, and is soon tearing up the tracks and winning races in Italy, France and Germany (obviously prior to 1938 when those countries were no longer running international car races in Europe.)

From IMDb: A young man's father, who lives in the big city, dies and his business associates bring his son to the city to take over his father's business. What the young man doesn't know is that his father was one of the city's biggest racket bosses and that he's being placed in charge of the gang's profitable shakedown operations, disguised as an insurance agency.

Rags-to-riches-to-rags story features Benny Goodman vocalist Martha Tilton as an unemployed big band singer who takes a job as an operator at a jukebox company. After falling in love with a bandleader, she gets a chance to get back in the limelight by singing for his group.


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