Years ago I had Lasik corrective surgery done at Mitchell Eye Centre (Calgary). They had a VCR set up to record eye operations so I asked them to record mine. This is off a VHS master. There is no audio.

Stock. Night. An ambulence passes by with sirens on. It is followed by a police car. Was shot around 11th Ave SW, Calgary, Alberta. 2004-06-06. Someone spotted this in "Don't Drink and Pork" and asked for the raw footage. This is a very early video of mine.

Timelapse shots of cars, traffic and cityscapes. Shot in Calgary and Vancouver. The closest-to-raw footage can be found in the bigger quicktime files, the ones which include city names in the file names. Those are the "originals". I only created MPEG2 of everything-in-one-clip so that Internet Archive could use it to create screenshots and MP4s. If you're going to edit with these clips, USE THE BIG QUICKTIME FILES.

Stock footage. HDTV (720p) timelapse footage of traffic in an intersection. Footage repeats, 50x then 10x. Shot in Calgary around 8th & 8th SW 4 PM (shoulda held out for rush hour). ... This footage is 16x9. IA seems to be ignoring that info and making its derivatives 4:3, so the thumbnails look wonky. Since the rez is so high, you can still use it as 4:3, just zoom in on the footage. ...

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