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Zontar the Thing from Venus (Restored)


This version of Zontar is based on this version. The color in the picture was nicer but the sound was very low. Picture is slightly better. Differences The soundtrack has been remastered with higher volume levels, parametric EQ to help with any high-end cracking, bass boost to the low end, and some de-noising and de-crackling. It's not perfect but it's much better. Combined with the enhanced color it makes for a more enjoyable cheesy film experience. The picture has been slightly enhanced but not much. The only thing missing is possible frame stabilization. IMDb Summary: A misguided scientist enables an alien from Venus named Zontar to come to Earth in order to help solve man's problems. However, Zontar has other ideas, like disabling the power supply of the entire world and taking possession of important officials with mind control devices.

Zontar, the Thing from Venus also known as Zontar: The Invader from Venus is a 1966 in film, made for television, science fiction film, directed by Larry Buchanan and based on the teleplay by Hillman Taylor and Buchanan. It is a low budget color 16mm remake of Roger Corman's It Conquered the World (1956) which also featured an alien invader from Venus.
The movie is arguably Buchanan's best known.


At a dinner party with their wives, NASA scientist Dr. Keith Ritchie (Tony Huston) reveals to his colleague Dr. Curt Taylor (John Agar) that he has secretly been in communication with a three-eyed, bat-winged alien from Venus named Zontar who he claims is coming to Earth to solve all of the world's problems. However, as soon as Zontar arrives on Earth via a fallen laser satellite it quickly becomes obvious that the skeletal black creature has a hidden agenda as it begins causing local power outages that stop telephones, automobiles and even running water from working and it starts taking control of people's minds using flying lobster-like "injecto-pods" that sprout from its wings. Only after his wife is killed does Ritchie finally realize that Zontar has come not as a savior but as a conqueror, and he goes to confront the hideous alien in the sulfur spring-heated cave that it has made its secret base.


The movie was satirized in a sketch on the October 30, 1981 episode of SCTV that guest starred Bonar Bain (brother of Conrad Bain) as a human agent helping the planet Zontar take over Earth.

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