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Women in the Night


A group of women (one from each of the bigger Allied countries) is held by Nazis in Shanghai, who have developed a super weapon more devastating than the atomic bomb. A flash video version of this film is also available from the URLs below.
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Women in the Night is a 1948 American film directed by William Rowland.
The film is also known as When Men Are Beasts.

Plot summary


  • Tala Birell as Yvette Aubert
  • William Henry (actor) as Philip Adams / Maj. von Arnheim
  • Richard Loo as Col. Noyama
  • Virginia Christine as Claire Adams
  • Bernadene Hayes as Frau Thaler
  • Gordon Richards (actor) as Col. von Meyer
  • Frances Chung as Li Ling
  • Jean Brooks as Maya
  • Kathy Frye as Helen James
  • Helen Mowery as Sheila Hallett
  • Benson Fong as Chang
  • Helen Brown (actress) as Angela James
  • Frederick Giermann as Major Eisel
  • Philip Ahn as Prof. Kunioshi
  • Arno Frey as Field Marshal von Runzel
  • Beal Wong as General Mitikoya
  • Iris Flores as Maria Gonzales
  • Frederic Brunn as Lt. Kraus
  • Harry Hays Morgan as General Hundman
  • Paula Allen (actress) as Nurse
  • Joy Gwynell as Suicide Girl
  • William Yetter Sr. as German Officer
  • Noel Cravat as Japanese Officer
  • Wolfgang Zilzer as German Doctor


DVD release

The film was released on DVD 19 April 2005.

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