Vengence of the Zombies


Paul Naschy, Spain's superstar of horror, starred as a number of maniacal monsters during his most prolific period (1968-1973). He'd appear as a mummy, Count Dracula, a deranged hunchback, and his most famous role of Waldemar Daninsky, the doomed werewolf. After directing several successful "El Hombre Lobo" romps for Naschy, León Klimovsky was back on hand for this undead entry, known in Spain as LA REBELION DE LAS MUERTAS. Naschy takes on two roles; an East Indian guru named Krishna and his scarred brother Kantaka, who uses some kind of voodoo to bring back the dead and haunt a redheaded British woman (Romy, who looks great in a pink nightgown) after her father gets the hatchet in the head. Like Klimovsky's DR. JEKYLL AND THE WOLFMAN, some of this film was shot on location in London, the city where it takes place in. Anyone expecting George Romero-inspired antics should look elsewhere. Klimovsky's zombies are mainly female actresses in black cloaks and blue face make-up who stroll around and grin a lot (they look something like the vamps in Andy Milligan's ultra-cheap THE BODY BENEATH). One haunting scene in which they attack a morgue attendant is somewhat reminiscent of Klimovsky's own WEREWOLF'S SHADOW (as well as a scene in the first "Blind Dead" film), with the bizarre image of the pasty-faced gals mutilating his neck with the rim a soda can!

Vengeance of the Zombies () is a 1973 in film horror film directed by León Klimovsky and starring Paul Naschy.


In this zombie horror film, a mysterious man rampages throughout England killing unsuspecting women. Each time a victim is murdered, they are brought back to life by an East Indian named Kantaka (Naschy) to join his army of zombies.


The film was released theatrically in its native Spain in June 1973.
The film was released on VHS in the United States by the All Seasons Entertainment in the 1980s.
The film was released on a special edition DVD in 2007 by Deimos Entertainment, a subdivision of BCI Eclipse.
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