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UFO footage


In 1979, some friends and I were messing around with a video camera in a slum area of town that had largely burned down and never been rebuilt. The video camera was old, with a heavy, over the shouder separate deck, obsolete even then. We saw some stuff flying around the buildings. At first we thought they were kites or maybe some radio controlled toy planes. We never did figure out what they were, but we got some of the stuff on video. It appeared as if there were two things, one smaller than the other. They moved pretty fast, so we guessed they were light, like balloons. They would fly away, then come back, for about a half hour. The tapes and camera ended up forgotten in a pile of junk in the basement. I just dug out the tapes, which are disintegrating. Unfortunately, I can't get the audio to work, so the weird noise can't be heard. The old deck functions just well enough to watch a few inches at a time of the tape. After playing a few seconds, the heads have to be cleaned, and the tape has snapped in a few places. I'm transferring what survives to digital format, and posting it here for anyone who's interested in this sort of thing. I uploaded some more of these, which appear on different pages in this section of the prelinger archive. I guess I didn't do the upload right or something. Do a search for "UFO". Over the next few days or weeks I'll upload whatever else I can salvage of the video.


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