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They Made Me a Killer


A man arrested for bank robbery escapes and tries to track down the real culprits. You can find out more at

They Made Me a Killer is a 1946 Film noir directed by William C. Thomas, and written by Daniel Mainwaring, Winston Miller and Kae Salkow, based on story by Owen Franes. It stars Barbara Britton and Robert Lowery. The film was made by Pine-Thomas Productions, the B-movie unit of Paramount Pictures.


Tom Durling quits his job and drives across country after his brother is killed in an accident. He gives an attractive girl a ride and he's forced at gun point to be the driver in a bank robbery. During the crime, Steve Reynolds, another innocent man is involved and killed in the escape. After a high-speed chase, the car crashes and Durling is knocked unconscious while the bandits get away. The police arrest Durling but use to believe that he wasn't one of the robbers.
Durling escapes the police then later teams with Reynolds' sister in an attempt to prove his innocence. The trail leads to a small roadside diner where the two end up finding the gang hiding out in the building's basement. They go undercover, her as a waitress and Durling joins the gang. In the end, they trick the criminals into confessing their crimes. Durling's reputation is saved, and the criminals, led by a Ma Barker-type mom, get shot up.


  • Robert Lowery (actor) as Tom Durling
  • Barbara Britton as June Reynolds
  • Lane Sisters as Betty Ford
  • Frank Albertson as Al Wilson, Glen Grove patrolman
  • Elisabeth Risdon as Ma Conley
  • Byron Barr as Steve Reynolds
  • Paul Harvey (actor) as District Attorney Booth

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