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The Watching Machine


Yate presents the new nightmare: The Watching Machine NEW NEWS PULLED FROM THE CUBE, an exploration in formation This new media work from YATE utilizes cg animations, original video, found media and original sonic compositions to explore techniques of mental reconditioning. Follow the line that forms the fate of hypnotic thoughts before they dissipate. Yours too will be had before too long, overlooked, and then gone. Take part in the easy mark youÂre made to be. Remember to forgetÂor was it Âforget to rememberÂ? Either way, youÂre sure to say: Âmore, more, more! Be there and be square. WeÂve got you pegged. Special Thanks to: Margaret Kilman as the bride Gordon McDowell (Stock: Lasik Eye Surgery (2000)) The Prelinger Archives (Nazi Concentration Camps, Classic Television Commercials, Perversion for Profit, Tobacco and the Human Body, Ideal Dolls, No Time for Ugliness, Consuming Women (Women as Consumers), and Palmour Street)


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