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The Virginian


Cecil B Demille's silent feature film version of Owen Wister's novel "The Virginian" starring Dustin Farnum.
A cowboy romances the local school teacher and helps apprehend a gang of cattle rustlers.

File:Thevirginian 1914 scene.jpgThe Virginian is a 1914 motion picture based upon the novel The Virginian (novel) by Owen Wister. The film was adapted from the successful 1904 theatre play Wister had collaborated on with playwright Kirke La Shelle. The Virginian starred Dustin Farnum


  • Dustin Farnum as The Virginian
  • Horace B. Carpenter as Spanish Ed (uncredited)
  • Sydney Deane as Uncle Hughey (uncredited)
  • Cecilia de Mille as Little Girl (uncredited)
  • Tex Driscoll as Shorty (uncredited)
  • William Elmer as Trampas (uncredited)
  • James Griswold as Stage Driver (uncredited)
  • Jack W. Johnston as Steve (uncredited)
  • Anita King as Mrs. Ogden (uncredited)
  • Winifred Kingston as Molly Wood (uncredited)
  • Dick La Reno as Balaam (uncredited)
  • Mrs. Lewis McCord as Mrs. Balaam (uncredited)
  • Monroe Salisbury as Mr. Ogden (uncredited)
  • Russell Simpson (actor) as (uncredited)
  • Hosea Steelman as Lin McLean (uncredited)

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