The Terror


A young officer in Napoleon's army pursues a mysterious woman to the castle of an elderly Baron where he discovers that she is the pawn of an old witch bent on driving the Baron to suicide.

The Terror is a 1938 UK crime film directed by Richard Bird (actor) and starring Wilfrid Lawson (actor), Linden Travers and Bernard Lee. It was based on a play by Edgar Wallace.
The film is also known as Edgar Wallace's The Terror (UK complete title).

Plot summary

A group of criminals carry out a daring robbery of an armoured van. Two of the criminals are betrayed by the mastermind of the operation. After ten years in prison they come out and search for the man behind the crimes who betrayed them. But the police are on their tail also wanting to find out who was behind the robbery.

Differences from play


  • Wilfrid Lawson (actor) as Mr. Goodman
  • Bernard Lee as Ferdy Fane
  • Arthur Wontner as Col. Redmayne
  • Linden Travers as Mary Redmayne
  • Henry Oscar as Joe Connor
  • Iris Hoey as Mrs. Elvery
  • Stanley Lathbury as Hawkins, the butler
  • Lesley Wareing as Veronica Elvery
  • Alastair Sim as "Soapy" Marx
  • John Turnbull (actor) as Superintendent Hallick
  • Richard Murdoch as Detective Lewis
  • Edward Lexy as Inspector Dobie



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