The Swap


An introspective and disillusioned young film maker becomes involved with high-living jet-setters

The Swap is a 1979 American film directed by Jordan Leondopoulos. The film is edited from the 1969 film Sam's Song also directed by Leondopoulos.
The film is also known as Line of Fire (American video title).

Plot summary


  • Robert De Niro as Sam Nicoletti (1969 scenes) (archive footage)
  • Jennifer Warren as Erica Moore (1969 scenes) (archive footage)
  • Jarred Mickey as Andrew Moore (1969 scenes) (archive footage) (as Jerry Micky)
  • Terrayne Crawford as Carole Moore (1969 scenes) (archive footage)
  • Martin J. Kelley as Mitch Negroni (1969 scenes) (archive footage) (as Martin Kelley)
  • Anthony Charnota as Vito Nicoletti (new scenes)
  • Lisa Blount as Vivian Buck (new scenes)
  • Sybil Danning as Erica Moore (new scenes)
  • John Medici as Joey (new scenes)
  • James Brown (actor) as Lt. Benson (new scenes)
  • Sam Anderson as Paul (new scenes)
  • Tony Brande as Father Testa (new scenes)
  • Matt Greene as Marge's Assistant (new scenes) (as Matthew Greene)
  • Alvin Hammer as Cemetery Caretaker (new scenes)
  • Jack Slater as Party Guest (new scenes)
  • Phyllis Black as Marge Negroni (1969 scenes) (archive footage) (uncredited)
  • Viva (Warhol superstar) as Girl with the hourglass (1969 scenes) (archive footage) (uncredited)

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