The Savage Girl


The eccentric millionaire Amos P. Stitch (Harry Myers) with a fondness for the drink hires the famous African explorer Jim Franklin (Walter Byron) to organize an expedition to the jungles of the Dark Continent. This strange expedition in search of animals to stock the millionaire's private zoo includes the German big game hunter Alec Bernouth (Adolph Milar) and a London cabbie (Ted Adams) with his cab to transport the millionaire in the jungle. Once the expedition arrives and they begin their hunt, they find their efforts to capture any animals are being thwarted by a mysterious white jungle girl (Rochelle Hudson).

The Savage Girl is a 1932 American film directed by Harry L. Fraser. A white jungle goddess is protected by a fierce killer gorilla.


  • Rochelle Hudson as The Girl
  • Walter Byron (actor) as Jim Franklin, misspelled Franklyn in on-screen castlist
  • Harry Myers as Amos P. Stitch
  • Adolph Milar as Alec Bernouth
  • Ted Adams (actor) as Chauffeur
  • Floyd Shackelford as Oscar

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