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The Road to Yesterday


The Road to Yesterday is a 1925 American silent romantic drama film directed by Cecil B. DeMille. The film is significant because it was Cecil B. DeMille's first release from his new production company, DeMille Pictures Corporation. It was also upcoming actor William Boyd's first starring role. In DeMille's next picture, The Volga Boatman, which was a tremendous success, he cast Boyd as the solo leading man.

Joseph Schildkraut as Kenneth Paulton
Jetta Goudal as Malena Paulton
William Boyd as Jack Moreland
Vera Reynolds as Beth Tyrell
Trixie Friganza as Harriet Tyrell
Casson Ferguson as Adrian Thompkyns
Julia Faye as Dolly Foules
Clarence Burton as Hugh Armstrong
Charles West as Watt Earnshaw
Josephine Norman as Anne Vener
Wilson Benge as Kenneth's Butler (uncredited)
Robert Brower as Elderly Party Guest (uncredited)
Charles Clary as Doctor (uncredited)
Iron Eyes Cody as Indian (uncredited)
Frank Coghlan Jr. as Boy Scout (uncredited)
Walter Long as Thug at Burning Stake scene (uncredited)
Chester Morris as Guest
Sally Rand (uncredited)
Dick Sutherland as Torturer (uncredited)

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