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The Phantom In The House (1929)


When his wife accidently kills a man while fending off his unwanted advances, an inventor takes the blame and is sent to prison for 15 years. When he gets out, he finds that his daughter doesn't know who he is, and that's just the beginning. An early "talkie".

The Phantom in the House (1929 in film) is an American film directed by Phil Rosen.


  • Ricardo Cortez as Paul Wallis
  • Nancy Welford as Dorothy Milburn
  • Henry B. Walthall as Boyd Milburn
  • Grace Valentine as Peggy Milburn
  • Jack Curtis (actor) as "Biffer" Bill
  • Thomas A. Curran as Judge Thompson
  • John Beck
  • John Elliott (actor) as Police Captain
  • Larry Steers
  • Henry Roquemore

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