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The Phantom Express


An engineer at the throttle of a locomotive speeding through a tunnel sees the lights of a train approaching from the other end. Although the signals say the track is clear, he still sees the train's lights. He grinds the train to a halt, derailing it. He survives, but many passengers are killed. He is fired in disgrace, but sets out to prove his innocence by finding the "phantom express." File Format is 640x480 1500mbps Window Media Video

The Phantom Express is a 1932 American mystery crime-thriller film.

Plot summary

When a phantom train starts derailing rolling stock and threatens a railway company's value, the playboy son of the owner must find out what is happening before the company is sold.


  • William Collier, Jr. as Bruce Harrington
  • Sally Blane as Carolyn Nolan
  • J. Farrell MacDonald as D.J. 'Smokey' Nolan
  • Hobart Bosworth as Mr. Harrington
  • Axel Axelson as Axel, the fireman
  • Lina Basquette as Betty
  • Eddie Phillips (actor) as Dick Walsh (posing as Bruce)
  • Robert Ellis (actor) as Reynolds
  • Claire McDowell as Ma Nolan
  • David Rollins (actor) as Jackie Nolan
  • Tom O'Brien (American actor born 1890) as Red Connelly the Telegraph Operator
  • Huntley Gordon as President of rival railroad company
  • Brady Kline as Slim - a henchman
  • Jack Pennick as Bubba - a henchman
  • Jack Mower as a gang leader
  • Allan Forrest as a henchman


The main theme of the plot bears close similarity to The Ghost Train (play), a movie version of which was produced in England in the previous year, viz. The Ghost Train (1931 film), but that source is not acknowledged in the credits. There was a prior silent American film also entitled The Phantom Express (1925 film) (1925) which may also have been influenced altho uncredited by the original play.

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