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The Paleface


Buster Keaton stars in this comedy as the captive of hostile Indians. His captors tie him to a stake and prepare him for death by fire. Keaton moves with the stake as the Indians try frantically to place the firewood around him. When he survives the flames due to his fire-resistant clothes, Keaton is made a member of the tribe and named Little Chief Paleface. He then foils the scheme of unsavory oil speculators to steal the land from his Indian companion.

The Paleface is a 1922 Buster Keaton Reel#Motion picture terminology Western (genre) comedy film.


A butterfly collecting unwittingly wanders into an Native Americans in the United States encampment while chasing a butterfly. This tribe has resolved to kill the first Caucasian race man who enters their encampment because white oil tycoons are trying to force them from their land. The Indian warriors give chase to Keaton, who ingeniously escapes their efforts to kill him. As a result, Keaton eventually becomes accepted by the tribe and given the title, "Little Chief Paleface". He subsequently leads the tribe's effort to stop the oil tycoons from displacing them from their land.


  • Buster Keaton as Little Chief Paleface
  • Virginia Fox as Indian Maiden (uncredited)
  • Joe Roberts as The Indian Chief (uncredited)

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