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The March of Time - Ireland


Episode of The March of Time, released as 1946 U.S. Army educational film # EF-257, Ireland.
"Reel 1 shows a panorama of the Irish countryside; castles and towns; Eamon de Valera; crowds in city streets; activities in the linen industry; riveters and welders at work in a shipyard; a celebration of the Battle of the Boyne; customs officials on the Eire-North Ireland border; farmers reaping and taking produce to a market; women spinning; a horse race; university students in a classroom; and a football game.
Reel 2, de Valera speaks. Farmers plow. Peat is mined and cut into briquettes. Shows Irish hams and bacon, activities in the brewing and auto industries, the Dunlop tire plant in Cork, manufacture of rubber boots, a power project on the Shannon R., hospital and public housing construction, and children learning Gaelic." National Archives Identifier: 24405

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