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"The Luck o' the Foolish" (1924) starring Harry Langdon and Marceline Day

"The Luck o' the Foolish" is a nice Mack Sennett short comedy, directed by Harry Edwards and starring Harry Langdon and a charming 16 year young Marceline Day, a star of Silent Hall of Fame.

This is Marceline Day's second leading role after the one in "Black Oxfords", a film which is not available for viewing.  In "The Luck o' the Foolish" she performs very nicely in all episodes, and makes a significant contribution for the film's good reception - it enjoys a strong 7.8 viewer rating in IMDB.   For Marceline Day this film is a stepping stone on the road to greater success and recognition, which began to materialize with dramatic roles in 1925 and 1926.

Directed by                            Harry Edwards
Photographed by                    WM. Williams
Special Photography by          Ernie Crockett
Titles by                                Jack Wagner

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