The Kid Stakes


Australian Silent film based on the Fatty Finn comic strips. This was the last silent film made in Australia. It was shot in the Sydney streets in 1927. The suburb where it is set is Wooloomoloo, which is an inner city suburb between the CBD and Potts Point. At the time this was film was made, it was a poor area. It is now an expensive, trendy suburb. The billy goat race had to be filmed in Queensland as the New South Wales government had banned such races a year before this film was made. The projection speed has been corrected so the film runs a little longer than other versions. The soundtrack included here is a collection of popular style recordings from the time approximating the original musical accompanyment. This film has been in the Australian public domain since 1978. It was published in the USA without the necessary copyright formalities and its copyright was not restored by GATT due to its public domain status in Australia.

The Kid Stakes is a 1927 Australian silent black and white comedy film written and directed by Tal Ordell.< name="AS"></>
The screenplay is based on characters created by Syd Nicholls</>


  • Robin 'Pop' Ordell as Fatty Finn
  • Charles Roberts as Tiny King
  • Eileen Alexander as Madeline Twirt<></>
  • Ray Salmon as Jimmy Kelly
  • Leonard Durell as Constable Claffey
  • Frank Boyd as Bruiser Murphy
  • Billy Ireland as Seasy
  • Eileen Alexander as Madeline Twirt
  • Jimmy Taylor as Horatio John Wart
  • Tad Ordell as Radio race-caller
  • Syd Nicholls as self
  • David Nettheim as Baby In Pram </><></>
    The role of Fatty Finn was played by Tal Ordell's six-year-old son Robin, known as 'Pop' Ordell. </>The now defunct weekly magazine, Pix, in its review states "Kid Stakes brings back the Sydney of the 1920s. They were all on parade; the ragged urchins, the brawling and the free-fisted characters of the waterfront."<></>
    Ordell sold the remake rights to England and had discussions to make a talking version in 1930. However this did not eventuate and Ordell never directed another feature.<></>
    Robin Ordell went on to become a star of Sydney radio in the 1930s. He then joined the Royal Australian Air Force and won a Distinguished Flying Cross (United Kingdom) (DFC). He was killed over the Netherlands in 1945 at about the age of 24.
    The movie was thought lost until rediscovered in 1952.<></> It was re-released two years later.<></>
    The Kid Stakes was remade as Fatty Finn (film) in 1980.

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