The Dude Ranger


When Selby (George O'Brien) arrives as the new ranch owner, he is assumed to be just another cowboy attracted to Ann Hepburn (Irene Hervey) so he takes a job as a dude cowhand. He learns cattle are being rustled and he suspects the boss Sam Hepburn (Henry Hall). But Hepburn suspects the foreman Hyslip (LeRoy Mason) and when he catches him with the goods, Hyslip shoots him. Hyslip then blames the new dude, and sends his men out to kill him.

The Dude Ranger is a 1934 American film directed by Edward F. Cline.


  • George O'Brien (actor) as Ernest "Dude" Selby
  • Irene Hervey as Ann Hepburn
  • LeRoy Mason as Dale Hyslip
  • Syd Saylor as "Nebraska" Kemp
  • Henry Hall (actor) as Sam Hepburn
  • James Mason (American actor) as "Hawk" Stevens
  • Sid Jordan as Henchman Dunn
  • Alma Chester as Martha (the Housekeeper)
  • Lloyd Ingraham as Lawyer John Beckett


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