The Drums of Jeopardy


My Christmas present for 2010 Dr. Boris Karlov (Warner Oland) seeks revenge on the Russian Royal family who he blames for the death of his daugher, a ballet dancer. He is sent away to prison but years later manages to get out during the Russian revolution. The royal family escapes to America where Karlov begins tracking them down and sending them a piece off a necklace called "Drums of Jeopardy" which means they will die in 24 hours. Merry Christmas ...

The Drums of Jeopardy is a 1931 American film directed by George B. Seitz.
The name "Boris Karlov" was used from MacGrath's book and for the 1922 Broadway play, but by 1923 with actor Boris Karloff using the similar sounding variation, the film version renamed the character, played by Wallace Beery, "Gregor Karlov". In the 1931 film version, however, with Warner Oland playing the character, the mad scientist's name is restored to "Boris Karlov," less than a year before Frankenstein would make Boris Karloff a household word for generations.


  • Warner Oland as Dr. Boris Karlov
  • June Collyer as Kitty Conover
  • Lloyd Hughes as Prince Nicholas Petroff
  • Clara Blandick as Abbie Krantz
  • Hale Hamilton as Martin Kent
  • Wallace MacDonald as Prince Gregor Petroff
  • George Fawcett as General Petroff
  • Florence Lake as Anya Karlov
  • Mischa Auer as Peter
  • Ernest Hilliard as Prince Ivan Petroff

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