The Daffy Duckaroo


A front-page newspaper headline reads: "Crooner quits: Daffy Duckaroo deserts films for wild, wooly west." Daffy becomes a cowboy and woos Indian maid Daisy June. Her Indian boyfriend, Little Beaver, is jealous and goes after Daffy.

The Daffy Duckaroo is a Warner Bros. cartoon released in theaters in 1942, directed by Norman McCabe and features Daffy Duck as a crooning cowboy film star. The film is set in the American West.

On a donkey and pulling a trailer, Daffy moves from Hollywood to the American West, where he comes upon an Indian encampment. He is about to run away when he is wooed by an Indian girl. He serenades her and follows her into her teepee.
The Indian girl says she would love to be Daffy's girlfriend, but her boyfriend Little Beaver will never allow it. When Little Beaver arrives, Daffy hides in a dresser and emerges disguised as an Indian girl himself. Little Beaver attempts to kiss him until he discovers the disguise.
Little Beaver chases Daffy through the Painted Desert and the Petrified Forest until he calls for aid with smoke signals. The Indians surround Daffy's trailer and remove the tires. One Indian promptly returns them saying the tires do not fit his vehicle.

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