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Texas to Bataan


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Texas to Bataan is a 1942 American film directed by Robert Emmett Tansey featuring the Range Busters.
The film is also known as The Long, Long Trail in the United Kingdom.

Plot summary

Prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor, the U.S. Army buys some horses from the Range Busters' ranch for service in the Philippines. The cowboys tangle with Axis spies in both Texas and in the Philippines.


  • John 'Dusty' King as Dusty King
  • David Sharpe (actor) as Davy Sharpe
  • Max Terhune as Alibi Terhune
  • Elmer as Elmer Sneezeweed - Alibi's dummy
  • Marjorie Manners as Dallas Conroy
  • Steve Clark (actor) as Tom Conroy
  • Budd Buster as Tad Kelton
  • E. Baucin as Cookie (the spy)
  • Frank Ellis (actor) as Ken Richards (crooked rancher)
  • Kenne Duncan as Army Captain Anders
  • Guy Kingsford as Miller
  • Carl Mathews as Truck henchman
  • Tex Palmer as Truck henchman
  • Tom Steele (actor) as Truck henchman
  • Al Ferguson as Cafe henchman


  • John "Dusty" King - "Me and My Pony" (Written by John "Dusty" King)
  • John "Dusty" King - "Goodbye Old Paint" (Traditional)
  • John "Dusty" King - "Home on the Range"

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