Tarzan the Fearless (1933)

Dr. Brooks is captured by followers of Zar, God of the Jeweled Fingers and Tarzan (Buster Crabbe) sets out to save him. AFter seeing a picture of Brooks daughter Mary (Julie Bishop) Tarzan is captivated and sets out to find her. One of the guides is carrying a telegram offering a reward for Tarzan, dead or alive. The guides are also after the Treasure of Zar in the Lost City. - Release Date: 08/11/1933 Mystic Nights Videos The complete, original 12-chapter serial version is considered to be a lost film.

Tarzan the Fearless (1933 in film) is a 12 chapter Serial film starring Buster Crabbe in his only appearance as Tarzan. It was also released as a 71-minute feature film which consisted of the first four chapters of the serial version. Co-starring was actress Jacqueline Wells, who later changed her name to Julie Bishop (actress). The serial was produced by Sol Lesser, written by Basil Dickey, George H. Plympton and Walter Anthony (based on the character created by Edgar Rice Burroughs), and directed by Robert F. Hill. The film was released in both formats on August 11, 1933.


Tarzan rescues Dr. Brooks, an elderly scientist, who is held by the followers of Zar, God of the Emerald Fingers, in their lost city. Mary Brooks, his daughter, and Bob Hall have also been searching for him, led by villainous safari guides, Jeff Herbert and Nick Moran.
Tarzan goes in search of Mary, and soon all are captured by the people of Zar and brought before Eltar, their high priest. Jeff and Nick are killed, but the others are free to go, provided they never return.
Mary and her father decide to stay with Tarzan instead of returning to civilization with Bob Hall.


  • Buster Crabbe as Tarzan
  • Julie Bishop (actress) as Mary Brooks, a pseudo-Jane Porter (Tarzan) character
  • E. Alyn Warren as Dr. Brooks, Mary's father
  • Mischa Auer as Eltar, High Priest of Zar
  • Edward Woods as Bob Hall, friend to Mary and Dr. Brooks
  • Philo McCullough as Jeff Herbert, villainous safari guide
  • Matthew Betz as Nick Moran, another villainous safari guide


Producer Sol Lesser had acquired the rights to five Tarzan films that Edgar Rice Burroughs had optioned to an independent producer in 1928. That producer went bankrupt and the contract was thought to have lapsed. However, due to the wording of the contract the courts found in Lesser's favour and held that it was still valid. Lesser announced his own Tarzan production a few weeks into the filming of MGM's Tarzan the Ape Man (1932 film). MGM paid Lesser to delay production until their film was released.< name="Essoe"></>< name="GMS"></> Tarzan the Fearless was the first of Sol Lesser's Tarzan productions. Lesser never made another serial with his options, moving to feature films instead.</>

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