Sundown Saunders


When Sundown (Bob Steele) wins a horse race he is paid with a deed to a ranch. Arriving at the ranch he finds the Prestons (Marie Burton/Jack Rockwell) already living there. They bought it from the fake land agent Taggart (Ed Cassidy) who then frames Sundown for murder.

Sundown Saunders is a 1935 American film directed by Robert N. Bradbury.


  • Bob Steele (actor) as Jim "Sundown" Saunders
  • Marie Burton as Bess Preston
  • Earl Dwire as Sheriff Baker
  • Ed Cassidy (actor) as Taggart
  • Jack Rockwell as Preston, Bess' Father
  • Milburn Morante as Smokey, Sundown's Sidekick
  • Frank Ball (actor) as Old Sour Face Manning
  • Hal Price as Lewis the Gambler

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