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Stagecoach to Denver


Allan Lane is Red Ryder and Robert Blake is Little Beaver in this outing which revolves around a double-crossing stagecoach owner in Elkhorn, Colorado and Dickie (Robert Hyatt), an injured orphan who needs a risky back operation.

Stagecoach to Denver is a 1946 American film directed by R.G. Springsteen.


  • Allan Lane as Red Ryder
  • Robert Blake (actor) as Little Beaver
  • Martha Wentworth as The Duchess (Red's Aunt)
  • Roy Barcroft as Big Bill Lambert
  • Peggy Stewart (actress) as "Beautiful" (the fake May Barnes)
  • Emmett Lynn as Coonskin
  • Ted Adams (actor) as Sheriff
  • Edmund Cobb as Henchman Duke
  • Tom Chatterton as "Doc" Kimball
  • Robert Hyatt (actor) as Dickie
  • George Chesebro as Henchman Blackie Grubb
  • Ed Cassidy (actor) as Land Commissioner Felton
  • Wheaton Chambers as Jasper Braydon
  • Forrest Taylor as Matt Disher (Rancher)

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