Song of the Fishermen (漁光曲)


An early Chinese silent film directed by Cai Chusheng. There are no English subtitles, only Chinese intertitles.

Song of the Fishermen is an early Cinema of China silent film directed by Cai Chusheng in 1934 in film, and produced by the Lianhua Film Company. The film, like many of the period details the struggle of the poorer classes, in this case a family of fishermen who are forced to sing on the streets in order to survive.
A successful film, Song of the Fishermen played for 84 straight days in Shanghai.<></> In addition, it is notable as being the first Chinese film to win a prize in an international film festival (Moscow Film Festival in 1935).<></>

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Has never been protected by copyright, as the first copyright law in China was passed in 1990 and applied 50 years retroactively.

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