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Sky Patrol


"Tailspin Tommy" Tompkins and "Skeeter" Milligan are training young U. S. Army fliers for the newly-formed 'Sky Patrol,'a branch of the Army Reserves which operates along the borders and coast-lines, on the lookout for smugglers.

Sky Patrol is a 1939 American film directed by Howard Bretherton and starring John Trent as Tailspin Tommy Tomkins.
John Trent as Tailspin Tommy Tomkins
Marjorie Reynolds as Betty Lou Barnes
Milburn Stone as Skeeter Milligan
Jackie Coogan as Carter Meade
Jason Robards Sr. as Paul Smith, Three Points Airfield Owner
Bryant Washburn as Bainbridge
Boyd Irwin as Colonel Meade
LeRoy Mason as Mitch
Hans Joby as Jackson
John Daheim as Ryan
Dickie Jones as Bobbie
Paul Malvern

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