Rubber Racketeers


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Rubber Racketeers (1942 in film) is an American crime film directed by Harold Young (director) and starring Ricardo Cortez and Rochelle Hudson.

Plot summary

A man (Ricardo Cortez) recently released from prison gets involved with the black market in synthetic rubber during wartime. The synthetic rubber is blamed for several people being killed in car accidents due to blowouts.


  • Ricardo Cortez as Gilin
  • Rochelle Hudson as Nikki
  • William Henry as Bill Barry
  • Barbara Read as Mary Dale
  • John Abbott (actor, born 1905) as Dumbo
  • Dick Rich as Mule
  • Dewey Robinson as Larkin
  • Sam Edwards as Freddy Dale
  • Kam Tong as Tom
  • Milburn Stone as Angel
  • Pat Gleason (actor) as Curley
  • Alex Callam as Butch
  • Alan Hale Jr. as Red
  • Dick Hogan as Bert
  • Marjorie Manners as Lila


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