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Red Haired Alibi


A young hotel sales-girl becomes the paid companion of a man in New York. Little does she know that he is a notorious gangster and she will become involved in all manner of mystery and intrigue. Directed by Christy Cabanne Written by Edward T Lowe Jr Based on the novel by Wilson Collison Produced by Sigmund Neufeld for Tower Productions Photographed by Harry Forbes Edited by Irving Birnbaum Recorded by Corson Jowett CAST Merna Kennedy - Lynn Monith Theodore von Eltz - Trent Travers Grant Withers - Bob Shelton Purnell Pratt - Police Inspector Regan Huntley Gordon - Police Capt. Kent Fred Kelsey - Detective Corcoran Arthur Hoyt - Henri Paul Porcasi - Margoli John Vosburgh - Morgan Shirley Temple - Gloria Shelton Copyright information: Public domain due to non-registration/renewal of copyright. Source information: 16mm film > 480i Video master MP4 file is 720x480 1500kbps video

Sigmund Neufeld

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