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Randy Rides Alone (1934)


Randy is arrested for murders he didn't commit. Sally Rogers breaks him out and he discovers the real murderers hideout. Mystic Nights Videos

Randy Rides Alone is a Western (genre) film made in 1934. The 53-minute black-and-white film was directed by Harry L. Fraser, produced by Paul Malvern for Lone Star Productions and released by Monogram Pictures.


Bandits led by Matt the Mute enter a bar and kill multiple people. Randy Bowers comes to town and is framed by Matt the Mute, who is working with the sheriff, who doesn't know that Matt is really a criminal. Matt the Mute writes out everything he wants to say. Randy escapes with the help of Sally Rogers, the niece of the dead owner of the bar. Bowers runs from the sheriff, and ends up in the cave in which the bandits have their hideout. They kidnap Sally, who escapes with the help of Bowers. Matt the Mute is killed when he enters the bar, which is filled with explosives, and the niece marries Randy.


  • John Wayne as Randy Bowers
  • Alberta Vaughn as Sally Rogers
  • George "Gabby" Hayes as Marvin Black aka Matt Mathews / Matt the Mute
  • Yakima Canutt as Henchman Spike
  • Earl Dwire as Sheriff
  • Artie Ortego as Deputy Al
  • Tex Phelps as Deputy
  • Horace B. Carpenter as Ed Rogers (uncredited)
  • Tommy Coats as Kidnapper Joe (uncredited)
  • Mack V. Wright as deputy (uncredited)

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