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Power Dive


After a crash a test pilot and his designer brother create a new experimental airplane.

Power Dive is a 1941 American film directed by James P. Hogan (director).

Plot summary


  • Richard Arlen as Brad Farrell
  • Jean Parker as Carol Blake
  • Helen Mack as Betty Coles
  • Don Castle as Doug Farrell
  • Cliff Edwards as Squid Watkins
  • Roger Pryor (actor) as Dan McMasters, company president
  • Thomas Ross (actor) as Professor Blake
  • Billy Lee as Brad Coles
  • Louis Jean Heydt as Johnny Coles
  • Alan Baldwin as Young Reporter
  • Pat West (actor) as Burly Mechanic
  • Ralph Byrd as Jackson, fellow draftsman
  • Tom Dugan as The Waiter
  • Helen Lynd as Giggly Blond
  • James Seay as Army Radio Operator


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