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Outside The Law


Outside the Law is a 1920 crime film directed by Tod Browning< name="silentera"></> and starring Lon Chaney, Sr.. Browning would remake the film in Outside the Law (1930 film).
Outside the Law is considered to be one of the first psychologically driven films in the gangster genre. In contrast to many films of the period, it generally depicts its Chinese people) have forsaken a life of crime after receiving counsel from Chang Lo, a Confucianism philosopher living in Chinatown, San Francisco. A despicable gangster named Black Mike Sylva (Lon Chaney, Sr.) frames Molly's father for murder, causing Molly to lose faith in abiding the law and prompting her return to a life of crime. Black Mike plots to double-cross Molly as well during a jewelry theft, but Molly gets word from her gangster lover and foils Black Mike's plans. While hiding out from the law, Molly's hard heart is slowly melted by her gangster lover. The film ends with a climactic shootout.


This film was considerably longer in its original 1921 release. It was thought lost for some 50 years until a print was located in 1975. The newly found print was a 1926 re-release of the film by Universal after Chaney and Browning had moved over to MGM and achieved greater stardom. The scenes from the original release that appear to be trimmed or whittled down are certain plot motivations by the Ah Wing character, who originally had a bigger role in the story.


  • Priscilla Dean - Molly Madden (Silky Moll)
  • Wheeler Oakman - Dapper Bill Ballard
  • Lon Chaney, Sr. - Black Mike Sylva / Ah Wing
  • Ralph Lewis (actor) - Silent Madden
  • E. Alyn Warren - Chang Lo
  • Stanley Goethals - That Kid
  • Melbourne MacDowell - Morgan Spencer
  • Wilton Taylor - Inspector
  • John George (actor) - Humpy (uncredited)
  • Anna May Wong - Chinese Girl (uncredited)

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