Outpost In Morocco


"A melodrama about the heroics of a captain in the Foreign Legion" (George Raft). Filmed in North Africa.

Outpost in Morocco is a 1949 in film Drama (genre) directed by Robert Florey, starring George Raft and Marie Windsor. Paul Gerard (George Raft), a Spahi officer and his French Foreign Legion garrison, holds off attacks from the native tribes of the Emir of Bel-Rashad (Eduard Franz), the father of Cara (Marie Windsor), the woman he loves.


The film made a reasonable profit.< name="raft"/>

Production notes

Extras were provided by the French Foreign Legion at Fort Tinihir, made up of some 900 German legionnaires of the remnants of Rommel's vaunted Afrikakorps in French uniform and the Moroccan Spahis Cavalry.
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