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Our Gang Silent The fourth Alarm 1926


Our Gang Silent The fourth Alarm 1926

The Fourth Alarm is a 1926 short subject silent film comedy film directed by Robert F. McGowan.< name="silentera"></>< name="NY Times"></> It was the 53rd Our Gang short subject released. It was later reworked in Hook and Ladder (1932 film) in 1932.


This is Mary Kornman's final Our Gang appearance as a child. She would appear again later in several episodes as an adult.


=The Gang=

  • Joe Cobb as Joe
  • Jackie Condon as Jackie
  • Johnny Downs as Johnny
  • Allen Hoskins as Farina
  • Jannie Hoskins as Mango
  • Mary Kornman as Mary
  • Mildred Kornman as Mildred
  • Scooter Lowry as Skooter
  • Jay R. Smith as Turkie-egg
  • Clifton Young as Bonedust
  • Billy Naylor - Our Gang member
  • Pal the Dog as Himself
  • Buster the Dog as Himself
  • Dinah the Mule as Humidor

=Additional cast=

  • Charles A. Bachman - Officer
  • Ed Brandenburg - Fireman
  • George B. French - Chemis
  • Ham Kinsey - Fireman
  • Sam Lufkin - Crowd extra
  • Gene Morgan - Fireman

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