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One Frightened Night


In this film Charley Grapewin has the lead role as Jasper Whyte, a crotchety head of a family, who are planning how to spend his money before he is dead. Jasper has a surprising announcement - he is going to give each of his relatives a $1 million before he dies! But if his granddaughter can be found, it all goes to her!!!

One Frightened Night is a 1935 American film directed by Christy Cabanne. The film has entered the public domain.


Faced with an upcoming inheritance tax, multimillionaire Jasper Whyte summons a group of people to his mansion to announce that he is leaving each of them one million dollars. This changes when he discovers a long lost granddaughter Doris Waverly who comes to his mansion; Jasper decides to leave his total fortune to her. Another Doris Waverly comes to the mansion and a murder is committed.


  • Charley Grapewin as Jasper Whyte
  • Lucien Littlefield as Dr. Denham
  • Mary Carlisle as The Second Doris Waverly
  • Regis Toomey as Tom Dean
  • Arthur Hohl as Arthur Proctor
  • Fred Kelsey as Sheriff Jenks
  • Evalyn Knapp as The Fake Doris Waverly
  • Clarence Wilson (actor) as Mr. Felix
  • Wallace Ford as Joe Luvalle
  • Adrian Morris as Deputy Abner
  • Hedda Hopper as Laura Proctor
  • Rafaela Ottiano as Elvira - the Maid

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