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Mason of the Mounted


Canadian Mountie Mason (Bill Cody) is sent south of the border to look for a horse thief with only a watch chain for evidence. He befriends young Andy (Andy Shuford) and when Calhoun (LeRoy Mason) hits Andy, Mason and Calhoun fight. In the scuffle Calhoun's watch with the missing chain is dislodged. Mason then sets out to bring in Calhoun and his gang.

Mason of the Mounted is a 1932 American Pre-Code film directed by Harry L. Fraser.
Bill Cody as Bill Mason
Andy Shuford as Andy Talbot, Luke's Nephew
Nancy Drexel as Marion Kirby
LeRoy Mason as Calhoun
Jack Carlyle as Luke Kirby, Marion's Father
James A. Marcus as Marshal
Art Smith as R.N.W.M. Officer
Trem Carr

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